2012 Winter Indian Market, Thanksgiving Weekend, Santa Fe, NM

The SWAIA Winter Indian Market is a yearly Native arts sale held during Thanksgiving weekend at the Santa Fe Convention Center. This year the Winter Indian Market includes 130 Native artists, six award-winning artist demonstrators, silent auction, raffle, a fashion row featuring the work of Native fashion designers and two performances by acclaimed author and musician Joy Harjo.
Early Bird Shopping and Native Art 101 Lecture
SWAIA Members Only
Saturday, November 26. 9:00 a.m.
Admission is $5 with a SWAIA Membership
For information on becoming a SWAIA Member, call Denise Keron(505) 983-5220

Winter Indian Market Hours
Saturday, November 26, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (General Admission)
Sunday, November 27, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (General Admission)

General Admission is $5 Per Day
Tickets Available at the Door
Saturday, November 26, 4:00 p.m.
Sunday, November 27, 1:00 p.m.
Advance Tickets Available (505) 983-5220

All events will take place at the Santa Fe Convention Center
(201 W. Marcy St. Santa Fe, NM 87501)
More info at SWAIA.org

Bangles with a hint of sparkle.

Here are a few bangles with a hint of sparkle. These fun slender bangles can be worn solo or grouped with as many as one desires.. Each one has a small white or black diamond accent, made from sterling silver triangular wire. They have a diameter of 2 11/16 inch and come in satin bead blasted finish (shown) or in a high polish.. As well as plain without a diamond.. You can find them in the shop now bracelets section. Sold individually or in pairs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I had creating them..thanks

Contemporary Inlay Buckle..


Here is one of my latest creations. A Contemporary Belt buckle consisting of sterling silver, Black Jade and Coral. The  “Spyderweb” texture on the silver is unique, all components of the buckle are hand fabricated and asselmbeled by myself. Texturing is done by placing a patterning medium ( canvas, screen, manila folder etc.) with a piece of annealed silver and putting it through a rolling mill, transferring the pattern onto the metal. Brighter results are achieved by pre polishing the silver prior to rolling.

It is currently for sale in the Shop Buckles Section with further information and extra pictures.





One of a kind Collaboration for 2012 Indain Market Gala “The Friendship Necklace”

 The Friendship Necklace: A stunning and one of a kind collaboration, necklace brought together by: Sunshine Reeves, Vernon Haskie, Arland Ben, Allen Aragon, Myron Panteah, Ken Romero, Tony Abeyta, Cody Sanderson, Dawn Wallace, Chris Pruitt, Pat Pruitt, Liz Wallace and  Kenneth Johnson. At Pat Pruitt’s studio all of the components that make up “The Friendship Necklace” came together. For the first time we were able to see the magnificent masterpiece as a whole. Upon completition the artists went out to shoot some photographs. Some of which are seen here and others that are to be seen on the links provided..

Thanks to all who contributed in making this adventure possible. The necklace will be auctioned at  2012 Indian Market Gala in Santa Fe, Nm on August 18th at 5pm. So mark the date on your callender.. 



 Other links to check out the necklace:

You Tube Video of : Friendship necklace by swaia1922

First Look – Collaboration Necklace for 2012 Indian Market Gala By SWAIA – Santa Fe Indian Market, Facebook.

2012 Indian Market Gala

Details of the Collaborative Friendship Necklace





Best of Show and Division Winners at Eiteljorg Indian Fair and Market 2012

Last weekend a number of artists from around the country gathered together in Indianaoplis IN. To take part in the annual Eiteljorg Indian Fair & Market. It was great to hang out and chat with old and new friends. As for myself wasn’t a Division Winner or Best of Show.. But I did recieved 1st place for my “Love and Diamonds bracelet and 2nd place for the #8 Bolo. It wasnt complete until I was able to make it to St. Elmo’s Steakhouse to have their awesome Porterhouse and watch my friends enjoy their famous Shrimp cocktail. Made with tons of fresh horesradish.

Here is a list of the top awards, given out at this years market. I will be adding the complete list of all the winners at a later date.

Best of Show

Cherish Parrish (Gun Lake Band) The Next Generation II

Helen Cox Kersting Award
Jason Garcia (Santa Clara Pueblo)
Corn Maiden #8

Harrison Eiteljorg Purchase Awards:

Todd Bordeaux (Sicangu-Lakota), Fertility Blessing

Charlene Holy Bear (Standing Rock Sioux), The Shawl

Division Winners:

Nashon Russell (San Carlos Apache), Power from SunSculpture

Kathleen Wall (Jemez), Gifts from her Grandmother Dolls

Charlene Holy Bear (Standing Rock Sioux), A Lakota Man Jewelry

Alfred Joe (Navajo (Diné)), 14K Fluted, Textured Necklace Pottery

Jody Naranjo (Santa Clara Pueblo), A Full Summer Basketry

Cherish Parrish (Gun Lake Band), The Next Generation II

Faye Lone (Tonawanda Seneca), Great Feather Dance

Antonio Grant (Eastern Band Cherokee), One of the Highest Honors

Todd Bordeaux (Sicangu-Lakota), Lone Dog Wintercount 1850-1877
Angie and Nate Reano (Santo Domingo Pueblo), Mosaic Hair Ornament with Turquoise Hair Pin

Congradulations to all the winners not mentioned in this post and all who entered..



Repousse: Making tools and my first attempt..

  While  researching different types of smithing and applications. I found that Repousse is an interesting technique dating from Antiquity. An age-old metalworking technique where a malleable metal (gold, silver, copper, tin and bronze) is hammered from the back to create an ornate design. Also accompanying Repousse is Chasing,  Chasing works from the top side by sinking the metal to create the desired effect.  Astonished with the creations of  forms, raised design and sunken relief, I Inquired about it a little more.. I came upon Victoria Lansford’s work, displaying her technique on High Relief Eastern Repousse.  Who offers her modern-day approach to the age-old technique.. As well as an article on Ganoksin  website, going into detail about techniques, tools and application.  
   Being the diverse artist that I am, I thought I would give it try “What do I have to lose”. I decided to make some of  the basic tools on  my own. For the pitch bowl: It was a salsa container purchased from Wal-Mart. Placing a piece of lead at the bottom and filling it  2/3 with quick dry cement, until it sets. Then I removed the legs on the salsa bowl giving it a round bottom. Filling the remaining area with Green pitch from Rio Grande. If utilizing the bowl with a sand bag, you can achieve a wider radius of working angles. With a little help of my brother Pat’s toys, I was able to make the basic tools out of tool steel, nail punches and ruined stamps. This was achieved by cutting, sanding, filing, polishing and flame hardening the tools.
  “Now  I’m ready to play”  Working with my hammer, punches/tools, steel block, chasing bowl and base (sand bag). I began to work out my designs on paper, then transferring then onto the silver (annealed) with a magic marker. Using a liner tool I chase the design into the silver, on top of a steel block. In order to show the design on the back. Placing the silver onto the chasing bowl (top side down) with a little heat it will stick to the pitch. Now Im are ready to start hammering out the designs. This will be done in several process, as the metal will work harden and need to be annealed again and again. 
 In the pictures are my first attempts at creating a pair of earrings utilizing the Repousee technique.  Dabbling for 20 min at a time, it has taken me 3 to 4 hours to get this far (just on the Repousse) Still not finished with the earrings I decided to share my experience so far with you.


Further info on the following :
       Repousse and Chasing @ Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.
       Chasing and Repousse @ Ganoksin
       Victoria Lansford – High Relief Eastern Repousse

Eiteljorg Museum Indian Market and Festival 2012

June 23rd & 24th

This year in Indianaoplis will be the Annual Eiteljorg Museum Indian Market and Festival.. They will be celebrating there 20th year.. The show brings Native artists from across the country to meet you and share their arts. There will beadwork, drawing,  jewelry, pottery, paintings, photography and sculpture  just to name a few. Here are a few friends and colleagues that will be attending Aaron Brokeshoulder, Althea Cajero, Cliff Fragua, Charlene Holy Bear, Jay Jacob Livingston, Alfred Joe, Chris Pappan, Jennifer Medina, Jody Naranjo, Penny Singer, Cody Sanderson, Adrian Wall, Marcus Wall as well as myself (Chris Pruitt). Hope to see you there..

Here is a link for more information on the 2012 Eiteljorg Museum Indian Market and Festival

Textured earrigs of sterling silver, gypsy set diamonds and channel inlayed mediterranean coral. #1

2011 Eiteljorg Museum Indian Market and Festival, Second Place, “Inlay Earrings”



Great things at Tom Taylor.

On one of my journeys to Santa Fe, I went to Tom Taylor shop in the La Fonda hotel. There you can find a slew of fine quality leather belts, sterling silver jewelry, buckles out of sterling silver, stainless steel and titanium. Along with many other fine quality leather goods.  While there we (Philip and I) chatted about the new and exciting items I will be making for them, to have in the shop during the Santa Fe Indian Market festival. Some of the items they will have but not limited to: new earrings , M&M pendents, Dogtags and some inlayed buckles.. As always I had a great time talking shop with Philip and Kim Spiers. During my visit Jessica, employee  for Tom Taylor took that opportunity to snap a few pictures of me in front of the shop. We had fun laughing on San Francisco street while people passed by wondering about the photos being taken.

They will be hosting the “Black Jade and Diamonds” cuff and the “Coral, Lone Mtn turquoise and Diamond” inlayed bracelet for a limited time. If you are in Santa Fe stop on by to chat and see what new items adorn their shop @ 108 East San Francisco Street.

Thanks to everyone at Tom Taylors..