Cabochons Gemstones

Here are some of the cabochon I cut and polish from time to time. They are shown here for inspiration and can be transformed into a custom piece of adornment just for you .

If you are interested in commissioning a piece utilizing any of these stones feel free to contact me at with you ideas.

All Cabochons shown here are NOT for individual sale.

Brazilain Agate Marquise 2Bloodstone 1Brazilain Agate Pair 7Brazilain Agate Pair 3Brazilain Agate Spear 2Brazilian Agate 1Brazilain Agate Marquise Pair 1Brazilain Agate Round 1IMG_6193Brazilian Agate Shield 1Jasper Pair 1JasperAgate Home Long Drops 1Lavic Jasper Shield 2Petrified Wood Pair 1Montana Agate Spear 5

Bloodstone Round 3�


Breanu Jasper 1Breanu Jasper 3

Breanu Jasper 2Breanu Jasper Cabochon Pair


Black Jade 4Black Jade 3

Black Jade 1Black Jade Cabochon Pair


Imperial Jasper 1Imperial Jasper 3Imperial Jasper Cabochon


Montana Agate 2Montana Agate 1Montana Agate 3Montana Agate Cabochon Pair


Moss Agate 6Moss Agate 4

Moss Agate 5Green Moss Agate Cabochon

Weight: 39 cts
Length: 25.3 mm
Width: 37.9 mm
Thickness: 5.4 mm

Black Skin Agate 1Black Skin Agate 2Black Skin Agate Cabochon Pair

Measurements:Brazilian Agate 1

Moss Agate 1

 Golden Moss Agate

Red Agate 1

Red Agate

Weight: 25 cts
Length: 37 mm
Width: 16.5 mm
Thickness: 4.4 mm